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Happy New Year - Spring Cleaning Ahead!

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Happy New Year - Spring Cleaning Ahead!
by Rob Sayer - Wednesday, 3 January 2018, 9:51 AM

Happy New to all users at Learn@OnStageLighting.  2018 is going to be an exciting one for us here with a lot of development of courses and the platform.

This means that it's time for a spring clean here and we'll be working on this in January.  Here are a few things that you might wish to know about:

1) There is also going to be a platform update, currently planned for the 18th Jan.  This is after all the current scheduled courses have finished and I won't be launching any more until the update has been successful. If you are on an Instant course, then I don't envisage much service outage, just be aware that we are working on the site behind the scenes and you may find it unavailable for a short while.

2)  We are going to be tidying up the courses from the last year.  This means archiving/consolidating work will be happening during January.

Non-completed users.

If you have not completed a course due to time pressures, you will be enrolled in the Instant version of the course that you have paid for.  The Instants give you a year to complete before your enrolment ends. You will be removed from the original course to avoid confusion as to which course you are doing.  Any work that you have put into the original course will not carry over, so make sure you have a copy of this yourself.

Completed users.

If you have completed a course, you may be moved to an archive version of the course content, if the original course finished some time ago.  This stops the platform from becoming full of duplicate archive courses.  This means you will still have access to the course content BUT not your assignments, feedback, discussion or certificates saved on the site.  Please make sure you copy anything that additional that you'd like to keep.  We aim to be 'finished' with the spring clean by last day of January - until that date, everything will be still be available to you.  

For courses that have only just finished in January, we'll be leaving the original enrolments in place for the moment.  In the long run, these will also be archived but probably not until the next platform cleanup.

3) New courses and content.  Early in 2018, I'm going to be promoting the next enrolments in scheduled courses including some NEW ones.  

4) We will also be adding to the free content offer at Learn@OnStageLighting platform to attract new users to the community.  There are quite a lot of us at the moment, but everyone is split between courses and cohorts which was always planned for the first phase.  Long term, we plan to create a more coherent community at the platform that adds value for past users and new users alike.

I think that's about everything for now.  Looking forward to hearing from you all again in 2018.