**UPDATE 2019**

We are currently closed to new admissions for all Instant Start Courses.

This category of courses are designed for you to be able to sign-up and start instantly on a variety of topics.

All Learn @ On Stage Lighting courses are of the same high level of engagement and offer the same opportunities for interaction with tutors and peers.  The Instant courses are designed to give you flexibility in starting, studying and completing them.

The Intro To Busking Techniques Micro Course is a highly specialist and unique piece of training that introduces the learner to some of the techniques used in programming and running lighting for live music by improvising.  Playing the lighting desk like a musical instrument allows for a small amount of preparatory programming to be used to create a large and flexible array of lighting looks.  This is particularly good for multi-act festivals and also for running lights for DJs / clubs etc.

Like all of my courses, this is the only course of its kind in the world where you can start from scratch and learn stuff that can take the professionals years to pick up from others on the road.

Once you have completed this Micro Course, you will have a solid understanding of how to create and run lighting in a busking environment.

Unit 1 - Understanding Busking
This week starts at the very beginning.  You will learn the key elements in busking and the concepts behind what we will do in future weeks.

Unit 2 - Core Lighting Control Skills
In order to create effective busking setups, there are some core lighting control concepts and skills needed to make progress.  We work through the more important ones here.

Unit 3 - Designing and Creating Busking Setups
This week, we look at specific themes and ideas in designing busking show files and start to create a flexible busk page to use.

Unit 4 - Running The Show
In this final unit, we put your understanding of busking together with your skills in the creation of a busking file.  Now you just need to run a show.

How the schedule works

Each unit is released once you have completed the previous unit assignment.

This is designed to allow for flexibility, while giving you a clear structure to help you manage your workload and actually complete the course.  You have 365 days from the day of enrolment to complete the course.

The bonus material is available after you have completed the final assignment and therefore the course. 

This Micro Course is designed to take the learning from little or no knowledge of DMX systems to be able to design, setup and troubleshoot a DMX system.  Topics include:

  • Key features of DMX
  • How DMX controls a lighting system
  • Core DMX hardware and its practical application
  • DMX lighting system design and practice
  • How DMX controls a lighting system
  • Professional DMX practices
  • Common problems and fault finding
  • Intro to other DMX implementations such as ArtNet, RDM and sACN.

The Micro Course is designed for hobbyists and budding stage lighting professionals who need knowledge that is of practical use in the field.  The knowledge gained will aid you to better understand what can seem a confusing black art in stage lighting.  You will be provided with a certificate of completion following the course end.  Note: The content is for those in lighting and not designed for electronic enthusiasts such as those that seek to build their own custom DMX devices.  

The course content is a specially designed mixture of original and curated learning materials, activities and interaction with both the tutor and peers.

The Lighting Control For Beginners Nano course takes you into your first steps of using a DMX controller with LEDs and moving light systems.  

You can join the course by enrolling using Paypal and start immediately.  You have access to the course for 365 days which is plenty of time to complete the programme.

Learning Outcome:

This course enables the learner to be able to control LEDs and moving lights using a range of controllers.  

Content includes:

  • How to patch your fixtures to the controller.
  • Controlling fixture attributes such as Pan, Tilt, Colour, Gobo etc.
  • Building the basic blocks of programming: Groups and Palettes.
  • Making a cue.
  • Adding dynamics such as movement FX.

The Nano course focuses on exactly what you need to know that will give you a strong understanding of the key concepts in modern lighting control AND how to dive straight into controlling real world equipment.  As an expert in teaching this subject, I am happy that you'll get good value and lifelong learning.

The course uses the free to download and use Cham Sys MagicQ software for PC/Mac/Linux, which includes a built-in visualiser to help you see your lighting programming in virtual space (as shown in the image).  The MagicQ is a great controller to learn with as it shares many important concepts with all the other professional level controllers such as MA, Avolites, Whole Hog and Martin as well as lower level controllers.  It is also really cheap to get DMX out of the software in order to control a real lighting rig.

Learning on this course is not just applicable to the MagicQ platform.  The concepts are all transferrable to different controllers, including your own.  During the course, it is likely that I can also help you with how this fits with your own controller too.

Enrol now and get started!

You can gain access straight away.  If you don't have a Paypal account, just select Pay As Guest.  See on you the other side, I'll be there to help you as usual.


PS. If for any reason you are unable to pay and enrol via Paypal / Credit / Debit card, then just drop me an email at learn@onstagelighting.co.uk and let me know that you'd like to join.